22 April - 22 May 2022

Marvin Gardens and Best Western are pleased to announce the opening of “Walkers” an exhibition of new paintings by Eliot Greenwald. The show title takes its inspiration from the two large multi-panel works, which share the name of ‘walker’ in their respective titles. These two works mirror each other as shaped panels that cascade vertically to depict a rich gradient background behind a mountain landscape. A signature “night car” travels a lone mountain road with crescent moons in the background.

Continuing with the artist’s motif of “night cars” driving through sensitively psychedelic landscapes on shaped canvases, Greenwald also presents us with dense and lush foliage in the single panel paintings. Oil stick is masterfully manipulated to create a spectrum of textures, from hard mountain rock to soft and feathery floral affects. These diverse landscapes depict a vision of nature as a familiar co-traveler, not threatening or alien, but with a lightness of being that welcomes us into coexistence.