Jenna Ransom: Eating a Peach Sky

27 August - 26 September 2021

Marvin Gardens and Best Western are pleased to announce the opening of

“Eating A Peach Sky” a solo exhibition by Brooklyn based artist Jenna

Ransom. This is the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery.

The show consists of nine carefully painted canvases that pace the viewer

at a slowed down experience. The paintings are made with a technique of

layering and wiping which blurs and softens edges and lines. Ransom’s use

of layering many light tints over dark adds a meditative feeling to the

paintings by way of their stillness and self-contained light. There isn’t

an apparent outside light source on the rendered forms, rather these

paintings are their own light, as if they are a source of quiet and

steady energy.

The fuzzy or vibrating lines and backgrounds in these paintings is

somewhat like the buzz or hum of nature. And indeed the abstracted image-

structure of the work is largely foliage, grass-like, and floral. The

title of the show again suggests time and natural processes by

introducing the idea of ingesting and digesting sustenance and

nourishment whether object or idea.