Elizabeth Ferry: Sensory Overlord

24 July - 22 August 2021
Marvin Gardens and Best Western are excited to announce “Sensory Overlord” a solo exhibition by Elizabeth Ferry. This is the artist’s first show with the gallery. Sparked by original sketchbook drawings Ferry made twenty-five years ago, “Sensory Overlord” unveils a new process for the New York based artist, utilizing pigmented wax that is covered with black acrylic paint, then etched and scraped away, a tip-of-the-hat to ‘90s scratchboard art. In these canvases, Ferry’s imagery is fantastic and familiar, from “Tongue YinYang,” in which a French kiss turns into the perfect Zen intertwining, to “When I die bury me inside a funfetti cake”, which depicts a human skeleton sat cross legged smirking creepily from inside a birthday cake. Ferry’s paintings are incredibly vivid, almost phosphorescent, some with paint inlayed into lines carved into the wax, most of which contain a glow-powder/wax mix, effectively making them glow in the dark, allowing the artist to conceal a second image that is revealed when the lights go out. Amongst the arrangement of paintings sits a bean bag chair, wax encrusted boombox/incense burner, bamboo curtain, robotic flower and dry ice sculpture keeping drinks cold. The music is loud, the flower is dancing, and the paintings are lit!