24 July - 22 August 2021
Marvin Gardens is happy to announce, “might be the last show” the third solo exhibition at the gallery by New York based sculptor Dan Mandelbaum. Here the artist positions five individual works sparsely throughout the gallery on custom-made octagonal pedestals, a shape reminiscent of the kiln shelves he fired the work on. One work set quietly alone in the second room stands on an actual circular kiln shelf. In this exhibition one can see Mandelbaum’s skillful combination of forms and the inventive style we’ve come to know. These have been honed into a new focus in the finish of these works, glazed with careful color and texture choices. The decision on a sparse arrangement amplifies these aspects. The subtle pedestal customization and the slight violet pigmentation of the gallery walls bring together a cooling sensation quite the opposite of the scorching temperatures in which the works were baked.