30 October - 22 November 2020

Marvin Gardens and Best Western are excited to announce “Thumbnails” in collaboration with CHART, a two-venue solo presentation of work by artist Jason Silva (b. 1979). The exhibition features a series of drawings spanning six years alongside new paintings.

Silva’s most prolific body of work, the graphite works on paper, are a ritualistic practice the artist began in 2009. Limited to four pencils of different weights, Silva produces interior scenes and object assemblages that evoke a cinematic sense of mystery. The title of each drawing corresponds with the date on which it was executed, marking a visual history of his image-making.

These works, juxtaposed with three new oil paintings on linen, show a contrast in Silva’s working style. Whilst the drawings are immediate and determined, the paintings require a slowing down of the process. Silva likens the manner of creating these paintings to playing card games— moves are made and create layers of decision, generating an outcome that is the sum of its parts.

This is Silva’s first solo exhibition in New York City. Best Western’s exhibition is presented concurrently with a solo presentation of Silva’s work at CHART, which is located at 74 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013. More information can be found on CHART’s website (chart-gallery.com)

To make an appointment at Best Western or for more information please send an email to: info@marvin-gardens.org