19 July - 18 August 2019

Marvin Gardens is pleased to announce the opening of “Seed Dream” by Brazilian artist Guil Macedo. This exhibition marks the beginning of a large collaborative technological project in which Macedo ultimately plans to use brain wave mapping toward an immersive audiovisual virtual reality experience built in real time by viewer-participants.

On view is a large hand-cut vinyl wall piece that collages multiple visualizations of wave patterns that have been altered by the artist. Also on view are four lenticular prints that show an abstracted wave pattern in the clouds. The key presentation is a 9- minute video projection in small blacked out room, which is viewable by only one person at a time, carving out an intimate experiential space within the gallery. In this video, accompanied by an audio track, Macedo takes the viewer through a sketchbook of wave patterns; projections of a future exhibition experience based on in-situ brain mapping.

The sensory data gathered to generate the visual and audio experience is to be stored on the blockchain, rendering the ephemerality of the human body into an immutable record. Macedo’s artistic vision is both somatic and technological, experiential and abstract, with the desire to give each viewer their own unique experience brought to fruition by their own bodies.


Odyssey Into The Void

Through photographic images, submitted to interventions and digital collages, the visual artist Guil Macedo, proposes to the observer a dreamlike odyssey, private and open to interpretation.

His images point to what eyes can’t see, suggesting an attention between the “I” and “we”, the one and the multi, between “I am” and “to be”, as belonging to the whole.

In its creative process and from the formal point of view, the language intertextuality of his work becomes clear. Photography, collage, interventions, image manipulation, neuroscience, algorithms, software, technology, music and interactivity, bring into discussion the moment of transition that humanity is going through and which, through its artistic and subjective bias, opens an imaginary portal for a brief becoming existential, evolutionary and symbiotic relationship between man and machine.

-Francisco Rosa

The artist thanks Fernando Moreno for sound design.