5 April - 5 May 2019

Marvin Gardens is pleased to present Flesh and Fantasy, a group exhibition featuring 17 artists, curated by Kenneth Heyne.

The works in Flesh and Fantasy carry a seductive and eerie narrative that resonates through the gallery space. The exhibition shares its title with a 1943 film noir fantasy drama told in 3 segments. The discrete stories all take place on the same timeline and are reinforced by themes of the supernatural. Each segment builds on a chain of events that are interconnected and give the impression of infinite possibilities to occur. A central theme in the film is that of human transformation, possible when one delves deep within and locates a core truth. For example, the first story in the film tells us about a woman who gets a magical mask which fosters a forbidden love, but when she takes off the mask she becomes beautiful by virtue of shedding all her insecurities. The artworks in this show speak to these ideas of transformation, duality, and the complexities of our human world.

Marvin Gardens is happy to welcome the artists in this exhibition: Joshua Abelow, Melissa Brown, Caroline Wells Chandler, Huey Crowley, Elizabeth Ferry, Billy Grant, Kenneth Heyne, Royal Jarmon, Irena Jurek, Bradford Kessler, Brian Kokoska, Alison Kuo, Zeb Mayer, Cristina de Miguel, Lauren Quin, Sarah Schechter, and Chelsea Seltzer.