17 November - 17 December 2017

Marvin Gardens presents “Thurman Munson,” a solo exhibition featuring sculptures by Mason Saltarrelli. Culling from past and present studio settings and travel, Mason Saltarrelli applies an open-ended approach to 3-D assemblage, utilizing the objects not as prepackaged readymades, but as opportunities to expand intuitive responses to surrounding environments.

Where the artist's abstract paintings and works on paper often resemble possible courses full of twists and turns for the viewer to wander within, his sculptures may represent physical landmarks one might pass on that metaphysical journey. 

Saltarrelli alters fragments from the world around him—rearranging spiral staircase steps in “Admiration for the unknown” or unsaddling found sawhorses in “Horses at water”—and admits artistic authorship in his deeming these details worth observing, but leaves any narrativizing up to the viewer. Artifacts are merely prompts for presumptions of their pasts, their stories were written but are as of yet untold.