Doris Boneparte + S. Evans + Alvin Hamilton + Dana Licht + Amanda Martin + Misael Medina + Eric Nelson: PYRAMID INC

15 July - 14 August 2016

Marvin Gardens is pleased to present PyramidInc. an exhibition taking its name from the organization where the paintings and drawings in this show were produced in Florida.

I have been intently watching the flow of work coming from Pyramid for over two years now. Upon first discovering some of these images on Instagram, I was instantly struck by the energy and insistence felt in both the imagery and handling of material. Often these works display a deft hand at composition and use of color toward an almost dream-like aesthetic. This is combined with a confident and frank use of materials. Another point I find striking in some of this work is how a commitment to one’s personal repertoire of imagery through repetition becomes in itself another form of material that can be read on a physical level. An example is when incessantly drawn patterns start to behave texturally. This play between material describing the immaterial, and the reverse, is but one pleasure to be found here.

Having a very personal interest in this work, primarily from the perspective of an image-maker, but also from a curatorial standpoint, I’m happy to see this collection transported from its native Florida and presented at Marvin Gardens.

Pyramid is a unique non-profit, adult day training facility across multiple cities in Florida that has a focus on visual and performing arts. It focuses on fostering a creative community among peers of various interests and abilities. The works arranged in this exhibition are a small sample of Pyramid’s visual arts program.

I wish to extend my gratitude to all of the people at Pyramid, artists and staff, and a special thanks to Shane Hoffman for helping to see the idea of this show through to its realization.