Mark Sengbusch: 70 Raindrops

10 April - 10 May 2021

Marvin Gardens and Best Western are excited to announce the opening of "70 Raindrops" the first solo exhibition by Mark Sengbusch, born and raised in New York. In this debut show the artist displays a visual language generated in free intersections between art, design, interiors, and architecture. Growing up in the late 80's and early 90's firmly sets the tone for some key aspects of the work. Early video game color schemes appear in the seemingly byte-informed deco and geo shapes - one thinks obviously of Tetris. Japanese toys are another a vein into the larger euphony of source mixing; and modern and post-modern architectural influences from around the globe inform the built sculptures. The self-contained wall works offer a straight forward signifier of "picture," complete with a wooden matte border and painted frame, and Sengbusch refers to them as "paintings." These works attain and hold their place between a screen and a sculptural rendering of a picture. The installation wall works, on the other hand, enter into an architectural intervention using an expansive treatment of repeating interlocking pieces. The overall attitude in Sengbusch's oeuvre is energetically positive and The overall attitude in Sengbusch’s oeuvre is energetically positive and inclusive. The artist doesn’t appear to be concerned with the ‘baggage’ of any of these historical wells, taking them as nourishment and creatively jettisoning forward. His playful touch and wit, combined with exacting craftsmanship, reach a unique state of energy presented here as a full-room installation.